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0 Suzanne and Dan courtesy of Lucy Holland
1. We had a great but cold time at Chatsworth Christmas Market
1.2 Playing for the British Legion event at Barnsley Civic
1a Goathland Community 40's weekend (photo by Poppy Tyson)
1a Simon at Chatsworth
1a. Our 'official' picture!
1a. The second line-up...is this how we look??
1aa Goathland again...thanks Poppy Tyson
1aa Suzanne at Chatsworth 2018
1b Chatsworth 2018
1b. Chilling before a lovely wedding
1c Dan and Doc at Chatsworth
1c. Dan gives it some wellie with style
1d. What a brass section!
1e. Close up of a trumpet 😀
1f. Sam, our bass player
1g. Doc doing his thing
1h. Is this the Chuckle Brothers?
1i. A Silly moment between sets!
2 Chatsworth RHS Show 2017
3a.Doc, our sax and clarinet player
3b. Playing at the Wardrobe in June 2013
3c. Simon 'doing his thing' at the Wardrobe
3d.Nearly everyone on one photo! At Rusty's, Leeds
3f.The dancing was fabulous at Rusty's in Leeds
4.The Crowd getting into the swing
4a.Pickering 2010
4c. Suzanne inbetween her housework!
4d. With the fabulous dancers at Pickering 2010
4e. Simon and JRT at Pickering
5a Anouska and Francesco's great wedding
5a Doncaster Armed Forces Day
5a The bright lights of the O2 Academy
5b Bradford Armed Forces Day - Dancers
5bAt Anouska and Francesco's lovely wedding
6a. The band at the Medilink award ceremony
6a.Revolucion de Cuba photos thanks to image23 / www.image23.co.uk
6b. Simon and Doc going for it at the Medilink Awards
7a Our almost Original line up at Revolution de Cuba
7b.Three part harmonies
7c.The Trumpet takes the lead
8b. The Joint is Jumping at Pcikering Working Mens Club 2011
Leeds Swing Society 2011
Our old image for the first CD.  It still makes me laugh whenever I look at it!